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Top method for curing jaundice


Medicine for jaundice

Define the meaning of jaundice?

In our medical language jaundice means breaking tissues of blood veins.from that breaking point if white blood comes that means you are convict of jaundice. Some times high fever also taking you to the jaundice situation. 

Causes of jaundice vary from non-serious fatal potentially .levels of bilirubin in blood are normally below 1.0 mg/dl after that it called simply jaundice.

Treatment of jaundice is typically determined by the underlying causes.if the blockage is occur in the bile duct than you have to go through surgery.

 Symptoms  of jaundice. 

The main sign if jaundice  yellowish of the white area of the eye.


I hope these symptoms make you more awares about jaundice symptoms.
Later on reason is more important to know about jaundice.

How do we know about jaundice ?

 In terms of high fever. which  usually can not be treated as a normal fever that situation the patient might be in typhoid and jaundice.
When you are  in jaundice you will see your liver does not work properly for that reason  you have to used toilet every hour. More over now we can say   patient might be suffering  from jaundice.

See doctor says when liver does not metabolic the bilirubin properly that means you can say you are in jaundice .

IS any yoga pose which is cure for jaundice ?

See this is not medicine when you are in jaundice than you should follow this yogasana.  in mean word if you follow this asana your  jaundice chances is less or rare.
Yet I did not said not that you can not follow during the jaundice period.

Well these yogasana will not only cure to jaundice .it will also help you to cure other diseases.  today world we should follow  yogasana to fight with our daily tension.even you should know that many health problems come from tension.

What to eat during jaundice:-

  • Rice
  • Radish.
  • Potato.
  • Papaya. 
  • Butter milk.
  • Sapodilla(chiku).
  • Jaggery. 
  • Glucose.
  • Carbohydrates products. 
  • Khichdi..
  • Lemon juice.
  • Orange juice.
  • Always take an bed rest.
  • Go to the known able doctor for jaundice treatment first.

Now I will recommend medicine that will help you to cure jaundice but please do not eat sour item or raw onion ,alcohol and tobacco. May be this medicine will show negative result.

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